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For a relaxing and educational day out or just for lunch, visit the Hunter Wetlands Centre 412 Sandgate Rd, SHORTLAND, Newcastle, NSW, Australia
A great place to take the kids with a childrens 'Discovery Playground' featuring many of the 250 fauna and flora that inhabit the wetlands. The species are either carved into the wooden poles or painted on tiles.
A new Education Centre was completed in early 2011 and will be a place for school and other community groups to engage in learning about wetland environments.
Hunter Wetland Centre is Australia's only dedicated Wetland Centre and is managed by the community as a not for profit organisation. The Hunter wetlands are a place for education, conservation and nature based tourism. The wetlands are now recognised as a Ramsar Wetland of international significance.
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If you can help with identification or with ID correction by scientific names, family group and common names please leave a comment either in private or public. All assistance welcomed and appreciated.
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Hunter Wetlands Education Centre 2011Hunter Wetlands Education Centre 2011Hunter Wetlands  Centre 2011 - Entry FeesHunter Wetlands  Centre 2011- Site MapWetlands - General InformationDiscovery Playground - Hunter Wetland CentreCarvings - Discovery Playground - Hunter Wetland CentreDiscovery Playground - Hunter Wetland CentreDiscovery Playground - Hunter Wetland CentreStictonetta naevosa - Freckled Duck (Anatidae)Ardea ibis - Cattle Egret (Ardeidae)Ardea ibis - Cattle Egret (Ardeidae)Threskiornis molucca - Australian White Ibis (Threskiornithidae)Nycticorax - Nankeen Night Heroncaledonicus (Ardeidae)Nycticorax - Nankeen Night Heroncaledonicus (Ardeidae)Haliastur sphenurus - Whistling Kite (Accipitridae)Haliastur sphenurus - Whistling Kite (Accipitridae)Acrocephalus australis - Australian Reed Warbler (Acrocephalidae)Ixobrychus minutus - Little Bittern (Ardeidae)Porzana pusilla - Baillon's Marsh Crake (Rallidae)