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Brachychiton Discolor
Common Name: Lacebark Tree.
Distribution: From Paterson, NSW to Mackay, Nth QLD.
Habitat: Subtropical and dry rainforest.
Form: Medium/large tree to 30m tall.
Leaves: Leaves are alternate, simple and distinctly lobed on the margins (3-5 lobes) with white, furry underleaf.
Flower: Flowers are pink, hairy and bell shaped arising from branchlet ends from November-January.
Fruit: Fruit is a brown, hairy follicle7-20cm long which splits open to reveal many individual seeds inside. Ripe April-November.
Garden Use: Highly ornamental when flowering (usually when plant is deciduous). Very hardy and relatively fast growing.
Edible?: As for other Brachychitons, seeds may be edible when roasted and hairs removed.
Propagation: Easy to propagate from fresh seed which has a long viability at room temperature.
Comments: Wood was made into shields by Aborigines

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