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Defining what is Australian has been a popular pastime with politicians seeking to find the essence to extract political mileage form identifying with whatever it is the y think they find.Businesses,advertising companies,film makers,sociologists and many others seek constantly to define what it means to be Australian.
There is no doubt that the world sets up some fairly well known icons which can be seen to represent something about Australia.The bronzed aussie,the outback,the laid back sporting hero,Paul Hogan,Steve Irwin,Peter Brock,Bob Hawke and numerous others have successfully assumed the mantle of iconic Aussies.
But do they truly represent the Aussie spirit.There is no doubt such a concept is an evolving,ever changing ideal which has been quite different across the decades.
This gallery attempts to display some of the visible icons that we tend to think of as distinctly Aussie.

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