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Silverfern is situated on Wrights Lane Dyers Crossing,NSW and was originally granted to founder of Tuncurry and shipyard owner,John Wright in 1878.
On John Wright's death his son Sydney Garden Wright purchased Silverfern from John Wright's estate in 1891 and in the same year Sydney Garden Wright married Ina Inez Smith,grand-daughter of the Mormon Prophet-Joseph Smith.
The Wrights completed building Silverfern Homestead in 1892,enlarging the house several times over the years to accommodate Sid and Ina's large family of 10 children.
Around 1920,Sydney Garden Wright sold Silverfern to the Australian Repatriation Department for re-settlement of War Veterans and the property was broken up into small holdings.
Sydney and Ina then purchased Logan Leigh from the Logan family in 1921 and moved to the property, on the Wallamba River just south east of Nabiac.
Sydney Garden Wright's son Edgar and his wife Jean lived at Silverfern between 1924-1929 as Edgars eldest son Max Wright ,born in 1922 recalls and then moved from Silverfern to Lee Wright's property Bracken Ridges. Edgar purchased Beau Vista from Claude Wright in 1931 and moved to Beau Vista with Max,Mick (Born 1924) and Fay (Born 1926).Edgar and Jean's other two children,Ina and Sid were born in 1933 and 1937 respectively while at Beau Vista.
Jack Ross was the first tenant to occupy Silverfern after its subdivision in the 1930's.
Allan and Pat Fern purchased Silverfern in 2002 with a tenant in the house at that time.
Not too long after this the building structure began to deteriorate before collapsing in on itself in ??
Max Wright recalls the Port Jackson Fig to the North of the house as a mere stick of a tree,presumably planted shortly after his birth in 1922.

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