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Gum Trees are as Australian as Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee with over 700 species all but 2 of which occur in Australia.Many are forest giants such as Mountain Ash and Flooded Gums.
These days smaller 5-10m hybrid varieties have been developed mainly from dryer west coast bloodwood stock due to their form and colour and have been grafted onto a wet tolerant east coast root-stock to produce attractive,disease resistant and hardy ornamental trees which attracts many native birds to the garden.
Main varieties include:
Summer Red:
Spectacular trusses of dark red flowers with gold tipped stamens and yellow centres in summer and attractive bronze-red foliage in winter.
Summer Beauty:
Spectacular trusses of large pink flowers with gold tipped stamens and yellow centres in summer and attractive bronze foliage in winter.
Summer Glory:
Spectacular mauve flowers with yellow centres in summer covering the tree and attractive new growth.
Orange Splendour:
Masses of spectacular fluorescent brilliant orange flowers, bursting from beautiful cream/mauve bud cover the small tree in summer, flushes of orange colored foliage in cooler months.
Summer Snow:
Masses of snow white flowers with cream centres covering the tree in summer.
There is some debate among botanists however about the taxonomny of the eucalypts. Eucalypts can be considered as comprising 3 closely related genera - Eucalyptus, Corymbia (Bloodwoods)and Angophora.

Tarrowood Nursery website provides a good summary of flowering gums.

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