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View 12 images by Black Diamond Images exhibited throughout March/April 2013 at Lane Cove Cultural Centre in Sydney. The exhibition is open between 10am and 3pm each week day (except Wednesday) till 12th April. A call to the centre before visiting is advised due to some teaching class prior bookings. The theme for the exhibition is 'Harmony'.

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Mystery ObjectMystery Object (Framed)Autumn AmbienceAutumn Ambience (Framed)Harlequin HappinessHarlequin Happiness (Framed)Dorrigo DreamingDorrigo Dreaming (Framed)Starrs Creek Rainforest (Framed)Starrs Creek Rainforest (Framed)Salar SerenitySalar Serenity (Framed)Sunset ReflectionsSunset Reflections (Framed)Mountain MagnificenceMountain Magnificence (Framed)Reflections of AlaskaReflections of Alaska (Framed)Life on the FringeLife on the Fringe (Framed)