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Magnolia Hybrid ‘Star Wars’
(M. liliiflora x M. campbellii)
Developed in New Zealand in the 1970’s this hybrid
currently seems to be increasing in popularity. Its growth
habit is with a strong central leader that can grow up to 5
metres in height with a 3-4 metre spread once mature.
The immense flowers are bright rosy-pink flushed white
and have a satin texture. They are produced freely on
bare branches in early spring. The flower display of this
variety is effective for almost a month.

Magnolias range in habit from small shrubs to large trees. Their exquisitely simple flowers vary in size and colour, from pure white to rich purple, and some flowers are perfumed. Most plants are deciduous, although there are some evergreen varieties, and they flower from mid winter through to spring. A feature of deciduous magnolias is that they flower on bare wood before the leaves appear.
There are approximately 80 species of magnolias. They originate from East Asia, Japan, China, the Himalayas, and North America, and can withstand severe cold. Magnolias are relatively easy to grow and perform well in cool to warm temperate areas. They will tolerate a range of soil types, but prefer it to be acidic, and well-drained. Plant in open sunny spots where they have room to spread out. They require plenty of composted organic matter incorporated into the soil. In heavy clay soils, it is best to grow magnolias on raised beds. Layers of mulch can be used and they look attractive with an underplanting of azaleas, rhododendrons and hellebores. Magnolias can be fertilised with blood and bone or complete fertiliser in spring, and are susceptible to few pests and diseases. Magnolias are believed to be the first flowering plant and so they rely on beetles as their pollinator.

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Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ (M. liliiflora x M. campbellii)Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ (M. liliiflora x M. campbellii)Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ (M. liliiflora x M. campbellii)Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ (M. liliiflora x M. campbellii)Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ (M. liliiflora x M. campbellii)