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Crookhaven Heads Lighthouse - The Most Endangered Lighthouse in NSW, If Not Australia. -TIME FOR ACTION 6.6.2009

Crookhaven Heads Lighthouse - The Most Endangered Lighthouse in NSW, If Not Australia. -TIME FOR ACTION 6.6.2009

The South Coast of NSW,Australia has many interesting tourist attractions, so many it appears, that the idyllic Crookhaven Heads Lighthouse can be allowed to become the target of destructive vandalism to the extent that this historic lighthouse may well need to be demolished in the interests of public safety in the near future.
Without knowing anything about who is responsible for this historic lighthouse,as a visitor on the 6th June 2009 I can only appeal to Shoalhaven Heads Council, Shelley Hancock-Member for the South Coast electorate, the residents of Orient Point and Culburra,and possibly the Orient Point Land Council to mount an URGENT fight to preserve this historic lighthouse before it is too late.
Disgracefully, the walk to the lighthouse passes though an extensive lantana infestation which undoubtedly contributes significantly to the vandalism which has been allowed to occur here.
I must confess to having felt quite angry that this iconic lighthouse has been neglected so irresponsibly by the local and state public authorities charged with its care and protection.
I believe demolition is not an option and that the solution is essentially a local one. Despite the problems associated with the isolation of the building and the remarkably quick deterioration since the lighthouse was last renovated,somehow, the will, and the funding for ongoing restoration and active supervision of the site must be found yet again to fully restore this iconic building to its former glory guarding the entrance to the Shoalhaven River.
A Bit of History
The original Crookhaven Heads Lighthouse was constructed of timber in 1882 and located as part of the Shoalhaven Signal Station on the beach 200 metres to the west of the current lighthouse.
The new brick lighthouse to the south of the mouth of the Shoalhaven River was commissioned in 1904 and the old wooden lighthouse was immediately demolished.

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Shelley Hancock : Member for South Coast - [email protected]