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Wilpena Pound Panorama Theatre - Hawker, South Australia

Wilpena Pound Panorama Theatre - Hawker, South Australia

Painted by outback artist Jeff Morgan in 13 hectic months in 2003 the Wilpena Pound Panorama Complex houses the world famous 360º Wilpena Panorama and Outback on Canvas panoramas.

The Panorama complex depicts Wilpena Pound and surrounding ranges as viewed from St. Mary's Peak, the highest peak on the Pound and is painted completely to scale.

The Outback on Canvas panoramas exhibit a series of outback landscape scenes, including a Cooper Creek Sunset,Siller's Lookout - Arkaroola and Elder Range from Wonoka Station.
This attraction situated in the centre of Hawker just south of Wilpena Pound is well worth the price of the small admission charge.