* BLACK DIAMOND IMAGES * | Night Visit to Butchart Gardens, British Columbia

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While our day trip to Butchart Gardens was a planned part of our 'Scenic Tour', the night visit was independently planned. The opportunity unexpectedly arose when a fellow tour couple arranged a limousine trip out to the gardens and asked us to accompany them.
The couple had tried to get a bus out to the gardens in the evening the previous day but were left waiting when a scheduled bus did not arrive.
As the gentleman's partner was disabled the couple complained bitterly and determimedly to the bus company who agreed that they would provide a limousine and driver to take them to Butchart Gardens the next evening.
We were also provided with a complimentary bottle of champagne and the driver waited in the car park until we were ready to return to Victoria.
Never before and probably never again can we expect to receive such luxurious treatment.
The gardens at night were spectacular although it was difficult to capture this with a hand held camera. The lightshow and concert were also highlights.

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