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Sunset photos are a dime a dozen these days so if you want yours to get some recognition it MUST BE DIFFERENT so get creative and BE LUCKY.

1. F8 and BE THERE-try to pre-select your site and vantage points.Examine the terrain/scene for interesting features.
2. Check the weather forcasts,the sun sets every day but sunsets can be highly variable depending on atmospheric conditions.
3. Watch cloud patterns,pollution/smoke levels and other natural features.
4. Time of year can make a difference-I seem to get my best shots in winter.
5. Be early,prepared,and ready,stay later-best shots are often after the sun sets.
6. Use a tripod and remote,polarizing or graduated neutral density filters.

1. Be unique in your perspective,angles,subject matter.
2. Be sure to get the horizon level.
3. Use foreground silhouettes .They can also be a distraction so be selective.
4. Use clouds,rainbows and other natural atmospheric phenomena creatively.
6. Use reflections and other light irregularities.
7. Use lead in lines-fences-roads etc to lead the eye into the photo.
8. Avoid distractions such as powerlines,people etc.
9. Shoot sequences of shots across the whole scene including the extremeties.
10.Shoot from several different zoom lengths and across the whole scene.
11.Shoot some shots directly at the sun-see what happens.
12.Vary the position of the sun-mostly out of the centre depending on scene.
13.Avoid vast areas of wasted space-eg low sun setting with lots of sky above.

1.Use flash infill if the major part of the composition is close.
2.Use a spot meter to lighten/darken areas of the image.
3.Use Bracketing-over-ride auto exposure,select point and shoot exposure and shoot at least 2 shots under and at least 2 shots over exposed from the baseline exposure.
4.Shoot several exposures-1 for the sun,1 for the foreground - blend in Photoshop.
5.Set exposure on part of the sky minus the sun-lock exposure then recompose.Play around with levels of under and over exposure.Underexposing 1/3 to 2/3 a stop darkens the shot and increases the saturation.

Always a contentious area-crop selectively,adjust the light-contrast,clarity and saturation,remove background light,digital noise and maybe clone out distractions.Some of the best sunset images I have seen have clearly been extensively worked over in Photoshop.Maybe-If you can't beat them -join them.

This list was compiled inexpertly for my own purposes-feedback [email protected]
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