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Bridges over the River Liffey outside Greater Dublin, from east to west. Sewage treatment works bridge. Leixlip Bridge [Leixlip Road] M4 motorway. New Bridge [R404] Liffey Bridge (Celbridge Bridge) [Dublin Road, Celbridge] Rock Bridge [footbridge at Celbridge Abbey] Straffan Bridge.

Some photos were taken with an IPhone6S
and others were taken with a Canon EOS 60D.
The files have been merged to keep them in sequential order of places visited although the order may not be exact.
The IPhone6S was used to assist with geolocating the Canon 60D images. It was also useful for panoramas.
Any panoramas created from the Canon photos was done in Microsoft Image Composite Editor.
Almost all the Canon 60D photos and some of the IPhone6S photos have been very basically edited in Microsoft Photo Editor although some of the IPhone6S photos may have been pre edited in Google Photos.

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